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Alpine White Shaker.PNG

Alpine White Shaker

A snow white colored shaker providing you with the comfort of a classic. It is accented with an angled molding at the center door panel. The door is built using all solid wood that will be very sturdy and durable even in the busiest of kitchens.



Mocha is a rich, warm chocolate stain that provides warmth and comfort to your home. It stands out and is eye-catching when you see it, hence why the Mocha is one of our most popular style.

Cherry Shaker2.jpg

 Cherry Shaker

This double shaker design is finished in a glowing cherry stain. Truly a modern embodiment of style.


 Glazed Maple - *Discontinued*

With the rise and fall of popular design trends, the Glazed Maple lineup stands tall as a timeless classic in an ever-changing industry.  Often described as a traditional classic, this time-honored styling incorporates an elegant touch of ebony glazing.


Espresso Shaker

With a warm and rich tinted stain, the Espresso Shaker brings a kitchen to life compared to other dark colored cabinets. When paired with grooves, it becomes perfect for both a contemporary or traditional home decor.


Soft White Shaker

The Shaker styled design incorporates an Ivory White Linen finish with double ridged mullions running horizontally on the upper and lower rails. Uniquely different with a clean contemporary look.


Saddle Brown

A rustic warm stained finish handcrafted with a chocolate glazing. The saddle brown makes a kitchen feel soothing and will match any home's decor.


Coastal Grey Shaker

The Coastal Grey is a daring departure from the antiquated standard. In its own right, it embellishes a modern day classic with its unique stylistic prowess. It is accented with a beveled profile at the center of the door panel.


Luna White Shaker

A pure white finish with beveled edge profile encompassed around the tried and true shaker design. A new take on the classic and elegant design

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