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  • What brand are your cabinets?
    We proudly manufacture our own Select Kitchen cabinet brand. Every cabinet or vanity leaving our Secaucus plant is selected to provide a lifetime of function and beauty.
  • Do you install cabinets?
    We do not install cabinets. However, we work in partnership with many contractors and we can refer you to one if needed.
  • Do you have a showroom where I can see the cabinets?
    Yes, our showroom is located at 245 Secaucus Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094.
  • Are your cabinets particleboard or wood?
    Our cabinet door and frame are made from solid wood. our cabinet box construction does not use any MDF (particle board, engineered or furniture board).The cabinet box is 100% select furniture-grade plywood. Drawer boxes are solid hardwood with plywood bottoms.
  • What wood species do you use on your product?
    We optimize the quality of our cabinets by using maple wood (All of our cabinets are 100% wood. No particle boards or compressed wood product).
  • Are these cabinets CARB2 compliant?
    Yes, our products go through many months of quality control testing for NAF (no-added formaldehyde) and ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) by third-party certifiers. In short, our products’ formaldehyde levels are well within the safety limits, as well as being environmentally friendly.
  • Are your cabinets fully assembled or ready to assemble (RTA)?
    We sell both assembled cabinets and unassembled (RTA) cabinets.
  • Do the cabinets have a matching finished interior?
    Yes, all of our cabinets and vanities have matching finished interiors that match the exterior door and drawer finish.
  • Do the cabinets come with soft-closing drawers & doors?
    Yes, all of our cabinets and vanities come with soft-closing doors & drawers. We do not offer cabinets without soft-closing doors & drawers.
  • Do you sell just cabinet doors and drawer fronts?
    No, we don’t sell cabinet fronts and box separately. Besides, Select Kitchen manufactures doors sizes specific to our cabinets and they may not fit with other cabinetry brands.
  • Do you carry kitchen countertops?
    Yes, we carry many types of countertops including granite, quartz, marble and others.
  • How do I measure my kitchen?
    Please view How to Measure Your Kitchen and download our Select Kitchen’s Measurement Guide for detailed instructions. Please see the following pictures for several ideas of how to sketch out your kitchen. Kitchen Measurement Sample 1 Kitchen Measurement Sample 2 Kitchen Measurement Sample 3 If you have any questions, please give us a call at (201) 330- 8888 or email us at
  • How long does it take from the time I order cabinets until they are delivered?
    We provide a fairly short lead time as long as we have the cabinets in stock. Please allow 3-6 business days for production and delivery. Depending on your location, or special customization, additional time may be required.
  • Do you offer in-home delivery?
    No. We only offer curbside delivery. Curbside delivery service provides delivery of your item(s) to the curb at the end of your driveway. The customer will be responsible for moving the cabinets, vanities, and accessories into the house, living area, and/or building.
  • Does Select Kitchen offer same day pick up for unassembled (RTA) cabinets?
    Yes, we offer same day pick up for any orders (for unassembled cabinets) placed before 12:00PM. As long as we have the inventory in stock, we are able to get them ready for you same-day.
  • Do you ship cabinets to any other states?
    We are able to ship to anywhere in the United States through freight shipping. We place your cabinet order(flat box and ready-to-assemble) on a pallet, and package everything safely and secure. Delivery takes 2-7 business days depending on the destination.
  • How do I take care of my kitchen cabinets?
    Please view Select Kitchen's Cabinet Maintenance and Care Guide for detailed instructions.
  • How can I repair minor scratches or nicks on my cabinets?
    Touch-up kit is great for covering minor scratches or nicks on your cabinets. Purchase touch-up kit from us at any time if you need it.
  • How to use Select Kitchen's touch-up kit?
    Our touch-up kit included a fill stick, a plastic scraper and a marker/touch-up pen. FILL STICK The fill stick is similar to a crayon or putty bar and can be used to fill in nail holes, deep scratches, cuts or gouges. Simply apply the fill stick with pressure to ensure it fully fills the defect. Excess can be carefully removed and smoothed to match the surface with a plastic scraper or even an old credit card. The area should then be wiped with a clean, dry, lint free cloth. MARKER/TOUCH-UP PEN Use the marker/pen to repair scratches, excessive wear marks and edges where raw wood is exposed such as miter joints where two pieces of moulding meet. Shake well before using. Remove the cap and simply run the tip over the defect. It may take several light coats to conceal the damage completely. Excess can be removed by lightly applying some mineral spirits on a clean, dry, lint free cloth. Be sure to cap the pen following each use to prevent the felt tip from drying out.
  • Are hairline cracks between the stiles and rails of my cabinet doors normal?
    Yes, this is normal for solid wood cabinets. For a more detailed explanation please read below. We have also provided a web link article to "This Old House" (the long-standing home-improvement TV series on PBS) detailing the information regarding minor hairline cracks. Painted Cabinet Characteristics: On all wood products, expansion and contraction are typical due to changes in climate conditions. Due to the normal movement, paint finishes may develop separation lines, finish breaks, and seam lines. Since wood naturally expands and contracts, the joints on a door do the same. Paint finishes are uniquely different from standard wood finishes. You may see hairline cracks in the finish surface at the joints. These joint lines are normal and do not affect the strength of the cabinet’s construction. An open joint line is not considered a defect and is considered a natural occurrence in the kitchen cabinet industry. Cracks, visible wood grain, wood characteristics and color changes are normal and not considered warranty defects or basis for replacement or credit. Reference:
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